Succulent Planters

Unique Ideas for Succulent Planters

Succulents are some of the most beautiful and versatile plants available. These easy-maintenance plants make beautiful displays for centerpieces, in floral wreaths, and as a beautiful decoration for your home. If you’re looking for some unique succulent planters, look no further. We’ve gathered a few ideas that will have you planting your succulents in style for a stunning display.


Although seashells come from completely different environments, they make fabulous succulent planters. Place some small succulents in a large conch shell or an oversized clam or oyster shell. The mixture of desert plants and beachy shells creates a truly beautiful and striking display. If you plan to keep this arrangement on a permanent basis, make sure you drill a few small holes in the bottom of the shell for drainage and fill it with dirt before planting.

Tea or Coffee Cups

Little succulents look simply adorable nestled inside a charming teacup or coffee mug. These drinking vessels make instant pots for succulents, and they add instant charm to a shelf or table. You don’t have to buy all new tea or coffee mugs. Look for some vintage mugs at your local thrift store or online marketplace. Mix and match the styles of your tea cups or mugs for a fun, eclectic look. If you find a teacup with a matching saucer, that’s even better, since the saucer can catch any excess water.

Natural Succulent Planters

Due to their rugged looks, succulents are amazing in natural planters like logs, pieces of wood, or even small tree stumps. Similar to floral wreaths that are woven into twigs, a natural planter is a gorgeous way to show off your favorite succulents and cacti. Look for things in your own backyard that you can use as a planter. The sky's the limit so get creative and remember to have some fun when designing your succulent arrangement.

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