Event Centerpieces

Spruce Things Up with Creative Event Centerpieces

Whether it’s a huge Christmas party or a work-related event, there are lots of ways you can make your special moment memorable. Event centerpieces add interest and style to tables, and they’re a great way to bring a specific theme together. While wedding plants centerpieces are a popular choice, there are also some other ways you can use a centerpiece for other occasions, too. Read on for some creative event centerpieces and consider adding them to your next major event.

A Succulent Tablescape

Succulents are perfect as wedding plants centerpieces, but they’re also quite versatile for any occasion. Create a stunning centerpiece filled with an assortment of succulents in different sizes, colors, and shapes. This diverse plant is easy to care for, and it adds instant beauty to any table or theme. You can use succulents for a rustic dinner party, a desert-themed event, or just for a casual get together. The beauty of this plant is that you can mix and match it, place it in a bowl or planter, and use it with other plants and flowers for a stunning display.

Choose Your Container

While the flowers and plants are an important part of events centerpieces, the container is equally as important. This will serve as the foundation for your arrangement and can really do a great job of helping to create a cohesive theme. Here are some suggestions to consider when designing your next centerpiece:

  • Popcorn containers: Fill paper popcorn holders with white flowers for an adorable centerpiece you can use for birthday parties or movie-themed events.

  • Fishbowls: A clear glass fishbowl is a perfect vessel for almost any occasion and any plant.

  • Tree stumps: Use small, hollowed-out tree stumps for a beautiful rustic wedding or a farmhouse party. Fill the stump with trailing vines, flowers, and more for an organic themed centerpiece.

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